Remember When


There was a Baptist Church and it was called ‘REMEMBER WHEN’
Where the folks loved the sinner but they hated the sin
Our church had no carpet and the floor, it was bare
We had a pot-bellied stove, oh but we didn’t care
All the women wore dresses and the men wore ties
And the creek was the place that we would Baptize
At ‘Remember When Church’ we used hand-held fans
The Preacher preached the Gospel ‘coz he was a Godly man
We might collect the offering in an old gunny sack
And I remember when the bathroom was a path out back
At ‘Remember When Church’ now if you weren’t living’ right
You were surely voted out before you shed some bad light
“Shall We Gather At The River” was a song we all loved
Where the congregation sang and worshipped
‘JESUS CHRIST’ from above
And ministries to prisons, no we never hired someone
We did our own visitations, never paid to have it done
I remember that our Preacher, never once he held back
He always Preached the Truth, his sermons never did lack!
Those tears would get to fallen’ and rejoicing occurred
There never was a shortage of those AMENS! to be heard
At ‘Remember When Church’ many sinners were Bought
Many souls were Saved, for true Repentance was taught
Yes I remember many things, like walking home at night
In the mornings walked to church, at dark a Kerosene light
We knew to change a heart that true Repentance took place
Salvation was by FAITH and all because of God’s Grace
We never had to worry what kind of Bible we used
Our Bibles were King James, God’s Holy Word was not abused
Of those ‘Family Life Centers’, glad to say we had none
Club Houses and Gymnasiums, no we never had a one!
The children all behaved themselves, for parents had control
The Day Cares and the Pre-schools never raised our kids, you know.
And when we had Revival, oh the Preaching that we heard!
No watered-down sermons at our country Baptist Church.
Yes I remember so much about our Church
Where the folks loved the sinner, but they hated the sin.

Written By; Tammy Boatman Young
for Brother Johnny Campbell