Three Pillars for Eternity

“Once in a lifetime, you come in contact with a real Christian.” (“Christian” meaning CHRIST-like).

That’s my friend, Deacon-X.

In this book I have found Deacon-X’s heart’s desire is  to expound God’s Word and rightly divide its truths. 

Deacon-X has the anointing in his life, and that is what gives him the Spiritual insight to author a book from which  you will learn your Bible like never before. 

His teaching is the meat of the Word, not milk, and his teaching will help you to grow in CHRIST.

In forty plus years of serving the LORD JESUS through preaching and teaching His divine word, I have a large Christian library with many good books. I travel forty seven weeks of the year and I carry books to read while I am on the road, and Deacon-X’s book will be the first in my suitcase to go with me.

I highly recommend his book for Pastors and Evangelists and Sunday School teachers.

In HIS Intensive Care,
Johnny The Baptist Campbell

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